Battle of the bulge

I’m feeling a tad down today, just got back from my Weight Watchers weigh in only to discover that I had not done as well as I thought I had in the past week with reigning in my eating habits. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I have now successfully kept off the almost 50 pounds I lost last year for a little over a year. Problem is the past few months I have slowly been slipping back into the bad habits that made me need Weight Watchers in the first place.

I guess the bright side is that I still weigh in regularly so I am attempting to correct this problem before it grows bigger, I am also still under my goal weight but unless I do something quickly, soon I will be paying for those weigh in sessions again. (once you hit lifetime on WW, meetings are free provided you are no more than 2 pounds over your goal weight)

The thing is having kids around seems to make it hard it to stay on track. Now that elder boy is home for the summer, we have been eating out a tad more and eating out always seems to be the kiss of death for me. It doesn’t help that I work with kids and snacks are always around, its hard to avoid. Plus thanks to the fact that summer seems to have decided that by and large it does not want to visit Maine this year, we have been stuck in the house with a lot of rainy cool days. The type of days that cry out for home cooking and eating, though in the winter I get my exercise by shoveling snow, with rain there is not much to do.

So, its Wed hump day and I need to turn the soda bottle loose. In other news that memorial service for MJ was actually quite nice, I actually broke down when his daughter spoke…talk about a raw emotional moment.

Anyway sorry there is no deep post today, but hopefully you are having a better hump day then me. Catch ya later!

5 thoughts on “Battle of the bulge”

  1. I almost didn’t comment because you know I’m having my own struggles. Like, who am I to speak? But Shay, your story has encouraged me tremendously and to say I’m proud of you is an understatement. Every single time I get down on myself like “this is not getting anywhere near tight” and “I can’t believe this scale won’t budge even though I am busting my hump” and “Man, I really got the bottom of the barrel when it comes to skin elasticity and ease of weight loss genes” (LMBO) I think of you and your story and it helps me keep going.

    While I don’t drink soda, I do have one downfall: my daily cup of hot tea and two sugars with a handful of animal crackers. It’s a evening time ritual I did with my mom and I continue to do with my children. Yeah, the sugar and crackers are organic and all that but it’s still all sweet. I’m trying to think of a better alternative. Oh, and French Fries are a pitfall too especially since my son is generous. LoL. So yeah, kids do make it a bit harder. I find that sometimes, I end up not eating a real meal–just finishing off what they ate and it makes it hard to keep track of exactly what I ate in the day. Did I get enough calories? Did I get too much? So I totally feel you! 🙂

  2. Hi there!

    I am VERRRRY proud of you! I think all of us could stand to lose a few and get that flat-as-a-board tummy!!

    My girlfriend can wear a string bikini after having children and she is still saying “I need to tighten up my thighs” and “I need to add another ripple on my stomach”….

    Her husband surely isn’t complaining!

  3. I’m hanging in there 🙂

    @ Rev Lisa, its not that I don’t pick the healthy options its that I add things like soda which do me in all the time. I belong to a farm co-op so I am the queen of the veggies, but its too many meals out where I add a soda rather than drink water. Good thing is that I write down everything I eat daily so I see what went wrong last week. Too many nibbles on the kids fries and definitely the soda. LOL

  4. Hello there!

    Congrats on staying on top of your weight loss goals!! It’s a huge accomplishment to lose 50 pounds! I am sure that even your hubby was inspired with your determination.

    Even when you eat out at fast food places or restaurants, there are still low cal options that you can consider… every restaurant serves a salad…

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  5. that’s great that you lost 50 pounds! im finally fitting into a pair of jeans that hasn’t fit me since finian was born (2005). yay! i still have like 10-15 to go. i gotta stop baking chocolate chip cookies!
    stay strong!

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