A Black Girl in the Woods

This past weekend the family and I did something I have joked about wanting to do for years but never really had the nerve…we went camping.  Yep, me?  A born and bred city gal who can quickly identify a pair of Louboutin’s or Manolo’s decided to hit the North Country. We actually had been invited as part of a larger group that was planning on climbing Mt. Katahdin, Maine’s largest point. Well my much slower than expected recovery from that pesky hernia repair surgery put the kibosh on my climbing plans but I figured I might as well still go and enjoy the woods.

I will admit the first half of our time at camp was rough, turns out the campground we were at had no connections to the outside world. Let’s break that down, it means your cell phone, smart phone and laptops cannot pick up a signal. Turns out it wasn’t just the campground, the whole area the closer you got to the mountains it turned out there was no connection to be had, luckily a few miles in the opposite direction and a connection could be had. I will be honest, initially I freaked the fucked out, 2 days in the woods and no phone, text or email? Yikes! Turns out once the initial shock wore off, it was down right liberating to be forced to unplug from the world.

The only real downside was the shared accommodations, I had to room in the gal area and well let’s just say I prefer not to room with others unless we are related by marriage or family.

It’s a hot day up in my corner of the world so rather than a long post I will leave you with some of the sights I took in up north.

On the road, off to the wizard...opps the woods!


Our fine accomodations, yeah I know it looks not so rustic


Ray, our fabulous boat captain and tour guide


Lake Millinocket from the boat


The ducks allowed us to get quite close


Had to snap this, it was um...interesting


Good food plus met one of the local brothas here, there are 4 total!


What the????At Dysarts in Bangor on the way home..a bank of phones..WOW!

6 thoughts on “A Black Girl in the Woods”

  1. Snarky, LOL…you made me laugh. The single most deciding factor in my going natural 10 years ago was knowing I was morning to Maine and would have no shop to get my hair done. In 8 years here though we now have not 1 but 2 Black salons. One suxs and the other one is where I get my hair braided, the sista who owns the shop recently had a baby and I almost cried thinking about if she didn’t come back.

    I was really surprised to actually realize that camping was fun, planning a return visit soon.

  2. I am ashamed to admit that one of the deciding factors in going “unprocessed” with my hairs was realizing you cannot plug a hot comb into a tree. I’m a raisin in the oatmeal chillin’ in Vermont. Holla!

    I am also finding camping more satisfying than I expected.

    Love this blog.

  3. Awesome Shay! I’m a born and bred city girl too but I’m realizing how much I enjoy hikes and now I’m itching to go camping and hike up a mountain. It is really good to unplug and be close to nature. 🙂 Good for contrast!

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