Zoom, zoom

Just realized I have been pretty quiet in this space, since my last posting life has gotten hectic. Last weekend both the Spousal Unit and I woke up with a nasty cold….let me tell you there is nothing that raises the stress levels but to be sick and have both parenting units sicker than a dog. Add in the busiest week of the year at work due to our annual community event that sees 100+ attendees coming out for free gifts and food and you have the makings for madness. Though my body decided to kick it up a notch but turning that cold into a sinus infection and adding loss of voice at a time when talking is imperative. Yep, this week has zoomed right on by!

Anyway thanks to modern medicine which I occasionally like to poo poo but when your head feels like a jackhammer has taken up residency and your body feels like Mike Tyson used you as a practice bag, all of a sudden the garlic and a neti pot feel like beginner toys and you find yourself eager for the antibiotics. So recovery is happening though my voice has decided I should sound like the love child of Kathleen Turner and Demi Moore just a tad longer.

However I pulled off an event that saw 160+ folks show up plus a slew of volunteers, in the midst of my body needing a vacation, a Christmas tree was obtained and decorated and gifts were even purchased. Not too shabby if I say so myself. That said, this space will be quieter than normal most likely until I am back to full health and officially on vacation from work which is just a few days away.

Yet it’s a lazy Sunday morning as I decided to skip church and listen to my body so I figured I would stop in and say hello and wish you my lovely readers a great holiday season! I must admit I was looking at my blog stats for the year and while overall numbers are down, I am thankful for each and every one of my regular readers. As a blogger, it’s always a fine line between just wanting to use your voice and wondering why other bloggers are more successful, yet as I grow I am determined to see the good in what I have. Since 2008, this has been my space to share a slice of my life and my random observations and admittedly being a Black Girl in Maine means that this blog is not going to be for everyone and despite the voice that says aim for more I am happy with what I have.

Catch ya later when I am feeling good.

4 thoughts on “Zoom, zoom”

  1. I hope you feel better.

    I have been lurking/visiting from Deacon Blue’s site. It had to have been quite a culture shock for you, moving to Maine.

    Happy holidays to you and your family.

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