Temper tantrums aren’t just for kids anymore…

Temper tantrum. When most people hear those words, they usually envision a small child kicking and screaming on the floor and rarely does anyone ever have anything good to say about the tantrum. Yet many of us with kids know that sometimes a temper tantrum is just what a child needs to let go of feelings and emotions they just can’t express. Children know what they need in most cases better than us adults do. I marvel at how a child can have a tantrum and not even 10 minutes later they are once again peaceful, happy beings. Children often live in the present moment unlike adults; I really think adults can learn a thing or two from most kids.

Funny thing is that while many of us are willing to overlook a temper tantrum in a child, the idea of an adult throwing a temper tantrum simply does not compute. The thing is sometimes we all need to let loose and stomp our feet and yell at the top of our lungs. Sometimes we are walking around with toxic energy that needs a literal release and as I learned today, dropping f-bombs and stomping my feet will get rid of tension.

Today was one of those days, compounded by the fact that my indispensable assistant is on vacation and I was slammed with requests that generally fall into his job description, not mine and I had to deal with snotty attitudes to boot.

I have no problem keeping my emotions in check at least at work, but in a rare burst of what the hell, I found myself letting loose in front of my staff with language that I am sure my youngest staff member never expected to hear out of my mouth. Funny thing is everything that needed to come together, came together. While my tantrum was scary it allowed me to release energy that needed to be released and it showed the people near me that I am a human with feelings and not a robot.

For large numbers of people at least in the US, this is a week fraught with emotions as families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Too many times family gatherings are far from the idyllic scenes the media shows us and instead ticking time bombs as we navigate real people and real situations. However I believe that no matter what, we can learn from the kids and if the stresses of the holidays are getting to you or life in general, have a tantrum, seriously. Let that shit go, stress is a killer. If it isn’t safe to let loose in front of others, go in a room alone, lock the door and do what ya need to do.



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  1. Hell Yeah!
    Something about the hard consonants feels like a punch.

    Twitter is a stress relieving elixir for me.
    I don’t want to hurt anybody but I tweet whatever the heck I want and it feels so good.

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