It’s okay to fail and not get what you want

I should have known yesterday was going to be one of “those” days, the kind that makes you wish you could take a swig from the Jack Daniels well before noon, even if you aren’t the drinking type. Lot of drama on the work front, all I can say is that when government officials track you down at your house on your personal cell phone before 9am, it is never good. I am a fighter, I put my heart and soul into my work and trust that all things will work out the way they are meant to but moments like these are good for reminding me of my blue collar Chicago roots. I take no shit!

In less stressful news, yesterday was a day that I was also dealing with some personal stuff; the nature of the stuff is personal. What I do want to share though is that I went way outside of my comfort zone and did something that was hard for me to even imagine and well…I don’t think it went too well. Oh, on the surface it didn’t look too bad but in reflecting on the event late last night, if it was not a complete flop, it also wasn’t a complete success.

I am type A in many ways so failure and not getting my way is hard to swallow, or rather it used to be. Early this morning, I was prepared to start wallowing in my sorrows for probably making myself look like a fool and it hit me. Sometimes it’s not about the win, the success, the goal or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes it’s about the fact you made the effort and won’t look back with regret. This issue or thing as we will call it was creating some major disharmony here in BGIM land so I needed to face it and while it didn’t go as planned, the fact I did it lowered the tensions greatly.

Failure is not always bad, hell sometimes it’s good because it can teach us a lot. Sure I knew that in theory but application and theory are two different things. As for the thing in question, it didn’t go as I wanted and it still could but at this point I am ready to lay it to rest and move on. It’s a new year, try something new, be bold, be daring and if you fail, so what! At least you tried.



1 thought on “It’s okay to fail and not get what you want”

  1. “Be bold” I need that next to my desk. Or on a search. Or tattooed to my forehead.

    The thing about failure is that every time you do it, you know what not to do. So, I can tell you 50 ways to avoid paying [insert something here] before you get burned. I wish I didn’t know this, but I do.

    Bold should be the word of 2012!

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