Gratitude when you really don’t feel like it

I had yet another night where sleep alluded me as it often does these days. Clearly my mind wants sleep but my body says, no girl….no sleep for you. As a result I often wake up in need of an attitude adjustment, but today I woke up after 4 hours of sleep and decided maybe I should look at the positives in my life. Believe me, being positive when you are running on little sleep with a long day ahead is hard. So here are my gratitude’s, feel free to share your own.

1. Hot water, nothing feels better on a cold morning than a hot shower followed by great smelling lotion to slather on to keep the dry skin at bay. Today’s lotion is a warm vanilla sugar.

2. Hot coffee made with love, need I say more.

3. A cheery six year old greeting me at the bottom of the stairs, how can I not smile?

4. Raisin Bran with ice cold milk

5. A true partner who is willing to color outside the lines with me and throw caution to the wind.

Such simple things make up for a lack of sleep, that said old friend, sleep I would love it if you came back.

1 thought on “Gratitude when you really don’t feel like it”

  1. 🙂 I like this list.

    In the winter my lotions are sugar, vanilla, shea (scents)…summer scents are citrus and berries.

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