Change be good!

It’s Friday! Can I just tell you how happy that makes me despite knowing that Monday I have to go and have a little oral surgery…blah. Oh and the good doc called this afternoon and told me despite a good mammogram, I am being referred to a boobie specialist. Ugh…don’t get me wrong obviously if there is an issue I want to find it but I was happy thinking I was done and maybe my girls just liked hurting for no good reason. Oh well, that is part of life, the good, the bad and the ugly.

This has been an interesting week for me, yesterday marked the 7th anniversary of my Mom’s untimely and unexpected passing. On the one hand it still seems like yesterday though I no longer grab the phone to call her but at the same time so much has happened since she passed. Generally around this anniversary I go into myself to just find that peaceful moment. However as I have been dealing with so much and so much angst around wanting to make changes in my life, I am taking it as a sign that for two nights in a row I dreamed about my mother.

Look, I am not a super woo woo person but there were some spiritual dimensions that were opened to me when she died. I will just say that when she appears in my dreams, I sit up and take notice. The fact that I need to make some changes to get to what I am calling that happy place is crystal clear. I think I have a plan but I also know that sometimes what we plan is not where we are being led. Right now I take it day by day.

All that to say that while I am not sure what will happen as far as the larger plans I have; there are some areas where I can make change and well that it is here. I admit I am not the greatest blog writer as I intentionally write in a free form fashion. However I do write in other places, in fact belatedly I found out this week that I received an award from the New England Press Association for my writing on racial/diversity issues. I write a monthly column on diversity for the Portland Phoenix and I have written for a few other publications.

As I was sitting back just enjoying a piece of good news this week, it hit me that I have a voice here and that perhaps its time to step up my game. So in coming days this blog will be revamped, I am moving from using free wordpress to hosting my own blog. (wish me luck, I am not a techie) I will be honest and say yes I am looking to see if I can earn a few extra shekels (trying to figure the best way to do that since I hate when blogs are loaded with ads so have no fear whatever I do won’t be too tacky). I have no illusions that I am about to become the next Dooce or anyone like that but in these interesting economic times, any thing extra is gravy. Also I want to do a better job of showcasing my work in general and get the word out that hey I am available to with groups on issues related to diversity.

So hopefully I won’t scare any of y’all off with these changes but I am pretty excited. Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Change be good!”

  1. Good for you. I don’t mind blogs that have ads on them. Maybe just do a mixture of businesses that you want to promote and ones that will bring in some extra cash. Find that balance.

  2. Congrats on your award! I look forward to seeing how your blog evolves with the changes you have in mind.

    I’ve been contemplating my own life changes lately and trying to figure out how to make it work.

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