Celebrate good times…come on!

My seven year old daughter is a quirky kid, granted most kids are quirky but she’s mine so I get to call her quirky. My kid loves to celebrate any and everything. I admit I thought it was a phase but after a couple of years, it has become clear that she likes a good celebration. No special reason needed other than it’s a time to have fun.  As a parent, I admit there are days when I really don’t want to have a love party, Saturday spa party or any other damn party. I mean, I am a grown up and the rules of grown up life are that we only get to celebrate at times predetermined by the calendar.  So that means birthdays, winter holidays, ya know the list.

This morning though I was reading Dancing Up the Moon: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Traditions that Bring Sacredness to Daily Life and halfway through I had a light bulb moment. Why the hell aren’t we celebrating more? I suspect a great deal of the reason why is that as we get older we put away the fun things of childhood and strive to become “proper” adults. That means fun must be limited, after all we all probably all know that one person who we see having fun on a regular basis and immediately deem them irresponsible. I mean how can they party all the time? It seems so…childish. But is it?

I recently have made the acquaintance of someone who is a party person, he likes to party, from the surface he clearly lives to have fun. I admit after hearing of one of his recent adventures, I was feeling envious. I am restraining myself from asking him, can I be his new BFF?  Sure as a single man, it’s easier for him to plan a party than it is for me, but when I look at people like my new quasi-buddy and even my daughter, I see lives lived at full speed. Lives that are lived in the moment, children are the masters of this skill and somehow with all the rules of adulthood, most of us lose that ability. After all, we have to get up early to do the grocery shopping, drop the books off at the library and the general list of minutia that generally fills our days but frankly is far from fun.

I don’t know about you? But I am tired of being mired in the daily minutia of bullshit that frankly isn’t fun at all and makes adulthood and even life look more like one gigantic to-do list rather than a journey. So here’s to fun, granted I live in a small town with a ton of homebodies, so it may take me a while but I am on the hunt to create my own tribe of merry souls eager to rock this party we call life.  In the meantime, I will let my seven year old guide me on how to bring more joy into my being.



2 thoughts on “Celebrate good times…come on!”

  1. For my part, I don’t mind our daughter wanting to have parties for little things. What I can’t stand is the incessant detail-oriented planning for them as if they were State
    Dinners. She needs to fly by the seat of her pants more and have casual, stripped-down affairs.

    Also, I refuse to decorate the house for love parties and tea parties. It cuts into my Twitter time. 😉

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