Shaken but not stirred

There are certain times in life when you hear the phone ring and even before you pick it up, you just know, “this” call is one of “those” calls. The type of call that when you finish the conversation and hang up the phone, while the physical world around you may look just as it did before you took the call, the fact is your personal world has been altered and life has in fact been turned on a dime.

I got “that” call yesterday morning, and I suppose since I last got “that” call almost nine years ago, I have known all too well that one day I would be getting another call. Life is messy like that, the good and the bad are all part of this ride we call life. I learned nine years ago that getting too upset about these things doesn’t do anything other than lead to puffy red eyes and hangovers.

So my world has been shaken but not stirred, my Papa aka the last man standing is facing some health issues. The details are not for public consumption but I will just say that I am planning to get my ass home to lay eyes on him as soon as humanly possible. If you are the praying type, keep our family in your prayers, we take good thoughts and vibes too!




8 thoughts on “Shaken but not stirred”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your daddy. I saw when your post when up and thought, “This is not a good way to start the year.” But, hope is not lost. Go home to Chicago. You’re needed there; you need to be there. Prayers said…and I know the Good Lord hears.

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