I need your help

It’s been a while since I have mentioned my finances or frugality in this space, in part because things are not too tight and I have to admit, I have fallen off the frugality wagon. Oh, it wasn’t intentional but lately I realized that I have not been picking up the Sunday paper and clipping coupons, nor have I been shopping the sales. I admit part of it has been because the Spousal Unit and I have both been pretty busy with work and well time is money. I would like to save money on the other hand I have been earning money and what time I have had, I really have not felt like spending clipping coupons and searching for the best deals.

However I have a dilemma and for some reason am just unable to make a decision and stick to it. Next month, elder boy graduates from high school, to recap elder boy decided several years ago to move back to the Midwest with his Dad, they actually live not too far from my hometown in Chicago. I admit months ago when I was thinking about his graduation, I figured I alone would attend, not that the Spousal Unit was not interested in attending, but these things often have a limit on the number of tickets you can get and we figured between, me, elder boy’s Papa, and a few other key family members that the hubster just would not be attending.

Well elder boy made a request of me sometime ago and that was to have both his sister who is his only biological sibling and the Spousal Unit to attend. The Spousal Unit was delighted to be asked to attend and it speaks volumes to the love elder boy has for Spousal Unit who is technically his step-Papa.

So we are all excited to go, but now we are dealing with logistics and frankly cold hard cash. The question that I need your help with dear reader is do we drive or do we fly? The distance is about 1200 miles one way or 2400 miles round trip. I originally figured we would fly but I have to be honest while I pay for plenty of plane tickets for elder boy, I have not flown since my Mama passed away six years ago. No interest, desire or until recently cash to go home or anyplace. So I started pricing out 3 adult tickets since the kidlet gets no break in price despite being only 4, it also seems that since I last flew, paying to check bags is now the norm on most airlines except Southwest. Now the graduation is not in Chicago, so if we fly we not only need to pay for a hotel and of course grub, but we would also have to rent a car. I also priced out the fact that since the best deals heading to the Midwest are not from my local airport but Boston’s Logan airport, we would have to pay to park the car. Holy Moly, unless I read the price list wrong for the number of days we would be gone, parking alone would be close to $100. Damn, shit is high.

So I priced out driving and looking at the advantages of driving our car, all in all unless gas prices do a major spike between now and the first of June, I would come out a good $300 cheaper than flying.(including motels on the road) There is also the convenience factor of not having to schlep car seats on planes and that nonsense. Maine to the Midwest can be done in 2 days if you make an overnight stop, it’s a drive we have done before and the man doesn’t mind. Granted from the time standpoint it’s a time suck but its coming at a time when the man will be in his slow period for work and thankfully thanks to technology we can still check in our work.

I must admit, the scales were tipped towards driving but now we are split, the man says drive and I say fly. I admit the idea of 2 days in the car with the kidlet is making me a tad scared. So since we cannot come to any agreement, I ask you drive or fly?