Wow….folks really are simple

Today I had a client meeting with one of my clients. At the end of the meeting, the presidential election came up since they had a board meeting scheduled for November 4, and I replied that they might want to reconsider. Now generally I don’t talk politics with clients since I never know what anyone’s political leanings are, but there is one woman, an older white woman on the team that I deal with, who during primary season was gung-ho for Obama. So on my way out the door, I started making small talk about Obama figuring it was safe to do so.

Why the fuck did I do that? It seems this woman was now on the fence, as she told me she was confused, not sure she could trust what Obama was talking about anymore and she really liked Sarah Palin. It took everything in my being to not go are you fucking crazy? So we continued making small talk and she confessed its not that she liked McCain but that she really though Palin brought a lot to the table but at the same time she thought maybe Sarah might be playing political games. Um….hell to the yeah. Apparently this woman had watched the debate last night between Biden and Palin and was really wowed by Sarah. I must admit it took everything for me to not ask this woman what her IQ was, yeah, I know I sound like a asshole but having watched that debate, I still don’t know much about Palin. Since it seems she don’t like to answer questions at a debate, instead she does her own thing which might have been cute until she hinted at the fact that like Cheney she wants a lot of power.

Let me say this one time loud and clear, folks this bitch is nuttier than a fruitcake, she has now tasted a bit of the power trip kool-aid and she wants more. She wants her and First Dude to fly first class and be treated like royalty along with that passel of rug-rats and and grand rug-rat on the way. This bitch wants power and that is scary, I hate Dick Cheney, he is evil personified but I swear folks, if that bitch gets elected whose to say she won’t throw some poisoned moose meat on McCain’s plate so she can ascend to the throne. Yeah, I know I sound crazy but that bitch got the crazy glint in her eye and the fact that when she answers questions referring to the founding fathers scares my black ass.

Kids, we got to vote, we got to get every eligible human who can vote to vote and vote for Barack Obama. No, I don’t think Obama is going to be super savior, frankly I think if he’s elected he won’t do half of what he thinks he will but I feel reasonably comfortable that we won’t end up in more wars and that at least we might start repairing the damage done by Bush-Cheney. Yet you can bet on this, if McCain-Palin win, we will have more of what we have lived with and maybe even worse. Since heaven help us if McCain kicks the bucket and Palin takes over she may start saying God has called her to wage war against who knows who. Not pretty.

As for the woman I was talking to, I reminded her that unless she makes a ton of money (she doesn’t) she won’t have to worry about paying more in taxes. Fact is this very organization which is a non-profit could be fucked under McCain and the fact that 2 other staffers there have McCain leanings is pretty damn scary to me. Working in the non-profit sector, dependent on grants and government funding should make folks realize that certain folks if elected could jeopardize their very livelihood. We are truly a nation of simple minded ass folks. No ability to connect dots or think critically.

Anyway that’s my Friday public announcement, have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Wow….folks really are simple”

  1. Well, not all of us, Gigi. Granted, Dubya didn’t make us look all that good the past 8 years…but it was only about half the voters who actually voted for him.

    So, we’re half-stupid, I guess…

  2. You know, I have been thinking about this subject since Palin was chosen. Here’s a few thoughts as a parent & a middle-aged white guy.

    1) I don’t want my leaders to be “just folks” I want them to have brains, judgement an eloquence. That’s not what we’re being sold by this thing in a dress. In a nutshell, I want them a hell of a lot smarter than me.

    2) As a parent, if my daughter was 17 and pregnant and I had a newborn baby of any type, let alone a child with serious challenges. I would be home caring for my family, not runnug around the country. That’s not a gender thing, it’s a parent thing.

    3) My daughter, who’s opinion I value a lot told me that she was offended as a woman to think her vote could be bought by putting that ” pro-life, gun totin’, moose eating thing” just because she’s female.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant!!

  3. She is crazy, and you were right to question her intelligence….We just had a “regular” president for eight years and we got fucked. Why are people so unwilling to admit this and learn from their mistakes. It’s utter insanity.

  4. Well, that confirms my fears. I thought Palin lost by a mile in “debate” terms, but I wasn’t sure about the popularity contest. I hope not too many people are THIS simple, but then . . .

    Palin seems like a total power-hungry narcissist to me. I’ve know people like that, and yeah, they’re dangerous.

  5. You’ll LOVE this

    you betcha!

    Dick Chaney is a live action Mr. Burns and McCain is a live action Cotton Hill!

    It amazes me how much white women will stick together it is KILLING Ferraro to not be able to support that Republican Barbie. *lol* She cheerled as much as she could with out endorsing her. Yeah she didn’t stumble over herself!! WOO HOO. GET OUT HERE!


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