Where were the adults? Talking about Cleveland Texas

Day after day we are inundated with bad news to the point that it’s easy to no longer get upset because after a while you ask yourself what is the point? In my case I think it’s more pronounced at times because in my day job I see very real people with very real issues and I simply lack the resources to get everyone the help they deserve. Because we live in a world, in a time that deems those without adequate financial resources as simply being unworthy, but every now and then a story comes across your desk or screen that makes you stop in your tracks and say what the fuck.

Well that time was late last week while sipping my morning coffee and reading the New York Times when I read the story out of Cleveland Texas about an 11 year old girl being brutally sexually assaulted by 18 young men and adults. That story made my eyes water in rage and it wasn’t until I reread the story and realized that the angle of the story implied somehow that the young girl was responsible for her own victimization. Since reading that initial story I have read many pieces, many that took the Times to task for even writing that bullshit ass story using that angle. I have seen video footage of local residents that frankly made me want to hop a flight to Cleveland and start slapping folks upside their heads.

Apparently in 2011 when a young girl is attacked its deemed okay to ask where were her parents? Some how that is seen as a suitable question, yet I ask you where were the adults period? Local residents report seeing a young girl alone, dressed inappropriate for her age, yet apparently in Cleveland Texas there are no adults, there is no village just a bunch of savage motherfuckers. In the original Times piece folks report seeing this young girl, yet no one thought it strange and took any actions like trying to reach out to this girl. Or call Child Protective Services, hell call someone. Instead when tragedy struck it’s because she was asking for it…..at least in the minds of these (excuse my lack of political correctness) simple Simon ass bitches.

Nope, instead the town is divided because of the impact these allegations are having on the community and these male humans. Which makes me ask this question, if the town is asking where the victim’s mother was… what about the suspects’ mothers? If we are gonna play the lay the blame on Mama Game, what does it say that so many individuals chose to participate in this most heinous act? Since the ladies in Cleveland Texas like to lay blame I ask what kind of parenting did you do where sons would grow up and think an act like this was okay.

See, blaming individual parents on many levels does no good but I can blame a town where apparently no one gave a damn, where many people saw a young child who sounded like she may have needed help and everyone turned a blind eye. I blame 18 young men who apparently lacked common sense to realize that in no universe is touching an 11 year old girl acceptable. I wonder why did not one of those humans stop and say this not right and do something to help that child. I weep for the fact we now live in a society that a group of people could hurt our most innocent and vulnerable and I rage at the people including a law maker who dare utter that this young girl was in someway responsible for this heinous act.

I admit as the mother of a young girl, I can’t help thinking that if someone dared do this to my child; the only criminal trial would be for me putting a bastard who touched my daughter inappropriately in a grave. Probably wouldn’t be enough pieces to bury the bastard when I was done…yet if we saw all kids as our own kids, siblings, cousins, etc such heinous acts would not happen because we would look out for those kids like our own no matter what.

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  1. This family is suffering, and will be suffering for a long time. In addition to this unimaginable devestation they are having to go through, the mother has tumors in her brain and the father is out of work…and the entire family has been forced to move out of their home town to avoid danger, and they have nothing (not even beds to sleep on) now…. I just left a little fund raiser for them in Houston. If you want to give anything to help the mother, the father, the three other children or this little girl that we are all sending out our love and prayers to, you can find out how to give at the Houston Chronicle’s website: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7503788.html


  2. Wow. I missed this on the news completely.

    It brings to mind this piece I wrote a few years ago for a blog I was doing with my siblings. http://crazymom.com/2009/02/25/frank-asked-who-was-worse-mom-or-our-step-father/

    When things like this happen, people need to find someone to blame, and if they blamed themselves they would not be able to handle it psychologically. My step-father raped me almost daily from when I was 7 until I was 12. When I was in college, he sent an apology letter. In the letter he apologized as if it was one time.

    I wish that Hell existed so that those men would get the punishment they deserve, but, I suspect the real hell is Cleveland, Texas and that little girl was condemned just by living there. I am heartbroken for her.

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