What was she thinking, better yet what was he thinking?

Come on now, you know the kid couldn’t resist getting in on the discussion about Sarah Palin. Seriously as busy as I have been seeing off elder child and working on deadline, I have been paying attention to the news. Damn, McNasty must have been hard up to pick Sarah Palin. Its a shame I am not a Rethuglican since I am almost certain that I am more qualified for the VP slot then ole Sarah, plus I am not about to be a granny at an insanely young age either.

All jokes aside, when I first heard he picked Sarah, I though, wow! However once I heard the rumors about how the last baby she had a few months ago might be her daughter’s, I got confused and thought I was watching a bad Lifetime flick entitled Mama’s Love or some shit like that. Then yesterday when I heard that her 17 yo daughter Bristol was pregnant, I nearly fell out my chair and started wondering what the fuck were these folks thinking?

Seriously, anybody who would sign up to play second banana to McCain pretty much knows that should he win, the man is old and with a history of cancer could kick the bucket on the job, thus catapulting the second banana into a starring role as leader of the free world. That said, might it be a good idea to pick someone whose not embroiled in their own version of a soap opera… rumors of babies that aren’t really yours, pregnant teens, ethics investigations. All things that say to me, maybe if I had that type of shit going on in my life, maybe trying to VP is a bad idea.

Now I hear the Evangelicals are trying to spin this into a positive, poor Bristol is human, yep I agree and like all humans she is flawed. I got that. However aren’t these the same assholes who would be talking greasy if this were a poor girl of color, placing blame on loose morals? 

However since I am on deadline, I need to wrap this up but not before I pose the question that has been driving me crazy, what kind of Mama would be so eager to take on a job, that she would sacrifice her own kids? IMO someone who shouldn’t be trying to lead or be in charge of shit. See, I know this is a private family matter and while Obama may want to take the high road on this matter, as others have stated, if this was one of Obama’s girls, the Republicans would be all over this like white on rice, trying to assassinate Barack and Michelle’s character. Yet because its a hard working Christian Mama its ok? I call bullshit on that.

No Sarah, you ain’t fooling no one with the look of being super Mama, willing to deliver speeches and fly 13 hours to have your baby after your water broke. Beyotch please, after my water broke, all I wanted to do was lay down and moan… who in their right mind gets on a plane bypassing a zillion hospitals to have a baby 13 hours away. Um, nobody, at least no one sane unless they were trying to plan a clever ruse to claim their daughter’s baby as their own. However maybe I am wrong and you just really liked your OB in Alaska, If it turns out I am wrong, well I will kick the butts for a day. How about that?

With regards to Bristol, I hope she really loves her baby’s daddy and isn’t being forced into a marriage that is the result of a youthful indiscretion all because Mommy is a pro-life wack job that believes in marriage.

As for McCain, I hope Sarah ain’t got no more secrets in the closet otherwise your plan to land the PUMAS is really going wrong. Though I can’t help wondering when you looked at Sarah, in her naughty librarian getup where you looking for a little side action from Cindy’s ice queen routine?

5 thoughts on “What was she thinking, better yet what was he thinking?”

  1. Hey there!

    If that baby is her daughter’s and she has announced that her daughter is expecting in December then that means that this child had back-to-back pregnancies? Is it possible to have one baby and be pregnant again in the VERY SAME month?

    Trig was born in April and this second baby is due in December. Either the first baby was not born in April or the second baby is not due in December.

    {shaking my head}

  2. couldn’t agree with you more. Plus, while I respect her CHOICE to be a mother to 5 (or 4, what have you) and attempt to become VP, I certainly do question her SANITY. VP is not just any ole job and 5 kids ain’t 1 or 2. I can’t believe her husband supports that cuz lord knows he won’t be getting nothing- won’t be nothing left at the end of the day for anyone!

    They are as we used to say “To’ up from the flo’ up”.

  3. Shotgun marriage if it takes place at all, which I give it a 50-50. I have good reason to believe she’s not five months pregnant either. It’s too convenient and places her conception at the exact month of her alleged baby brother was born. Come read my post today, A Rovian-Style Strategy.

  4. While I don’t agree with MSM and other exposing this young woman’s private life (she’s still a minor), I understand how this was just too “meaty a bone” for them to pass.

    McCaine’s camp should have done it’s homework and properly vetted the gov. She has too much going on with her own ethics investigation. There were so many other women politicians with more experience.

    And like you, I hope these two teens are being forced to marry; that would be a travesty. Marriage is too difficult and complex with two mature people .

  5. “However aren’t these the same assholes who would be talking greasy if this were a poor girl of color, placing blame on loose morals”
    Exactly!!! What pisses me off SO MUCH is if this had been one of Obama’s daughters who had gotten pregnant, the Rethugs would not hestitate to tarnish Obama’s character.
    The Rethugs are such hypocrites.

    What’s really interesting is Bristol’s baby daddy is 18 and from the looks of his picture and myspace page, I don’t think he even considered potential marriage. I hope he’s not being forced to marry.

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