Thrift is the new Black

It seems in the past few months every where we turn, we are hearing about how ordinary Americans are looking to save money, and basically live a frugal and even sustainable lifestyle. Its clear that as the US and even world economies continue to tank that folks are looking to cut back either by force such as a decrease in income or just the realization that constant consumption is no longer the in thing.

In fact with the announcement that First Lady Michelle Obama is using part of the White House lawns to start a garden, I suspect that one of this season’s hottest new hobbies will be gardening. Yep, no longer will folks be coveting the latest pair of Jimmy Choos or some other high end item, instead folks will be talking about the latest heirloom tomato they are growing. Ok, that might be a tad much but seriously, I do see things such as gardening becoming quite popular.

Already in my little town it seems there is talk of establishing a community garden, which I must admit I am excited about. I don’t have much usable land that gets sunlight so the idea of a plot of land to garden in is actually making me excited.

I must say that I am glad to see Michelle Obama taking up the issue of healthy food, I suspect as a native of Chicago’s south-side she is quite familiar with the lack of access to healthy foods that many poor folks and folks of color have to live with….in my Grandma’s old neighborhood which was on the south-side of Chicago, you could find whatever type of alcoholic beverage you wanted to quench your thirst and take away your sorrows. However finding the fixings to make a tossed green salad that was not made of iceberg lettuce was comparable to getting the winning numbers of the lottery. Hard as hell to do.

While organic foods have been in style for a while, fact is that for a large segment of the US population, organics are no more acessible than a lobster dinner to most folks, so seeing Michelle’s face along with area DC school children in the dirt looking to plant food is a good thing.

It seems as a culture we need role models to guide our process. Anyway for those of us who practice being thrifty and already had plans to grow some food, we are trendy. Let’s just hope that like Starbucks took over our lives for years that this quest to live simply catches on like a $4 latte.

4 thoughts on “Thrift is the new Black”

  1. “Thrift” aint nothing new in my book…it’s only since American’s have been “forced” to economize that it’s becoming a trend. Had this economic crisis not hit, we’d still be spending like crazy. If anything, it’s teaching us a lesson!

  2. Hi and visiting from coloredwhite…I am also seeing the start of a community garden here in my small town. There is lots of available land here and the focus is to bring people out of their “own” spaces and commune together.

  3. I know that the primary reason I decided to start a garden was because I could no longer afford organic food. Even the farmer’s market was starting to be a stretch. Then I started learning about peak oil and watched the economy tank and I realized that there are manifold reasons to get to gardening. I was so happy to hear Mrs. Obama started a garden and I really hope it’s a trend. I saw a nice plot of land that is unused in my town (a few businesses were there some years ago but they burned down). I wonder if I could convince the town and the town’s people to get a garden going. That would be great. I’m so happy that your town is doing it!

  4. Check out Goodwill of Northern New England’s blog! We post tips on thrift store shopping, green living, and sustainability.


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