The Return of Every-Man

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Every-man or wait it’s…’s Scott Brown. Scott Brown, he’d be that fella down (hey I’m in Maine and from where I live it is down) in Massachusetts who won the Senate seat that was open due to Ted Kennedy’s death. MA is a pretty damn liberal state, a nice blue state and no matter what the reason (yeah Brown’s opponent Coakley sounded like an idiot) if a no name Republican can win that seat well I don’t think its a sign of good things to come for the rest of us.

It would seem that exactly a year after President Obama’s historical inauguration that quite a few of his supporters (um, former supporters) are having a touch of buyer’s remorse. Now there are some who say hey give him time, he inherited a mess and its going to take time to clean it up. Yeah, that’s true but the current America we live in is one with a real short memory. If you think I am kidding then you need to go spend some time hanging out with every-man, the one who sees Obama as a guy who wants to take over the world by oh no making health care available to the masses, a guy who saw a neighbor (Haiti) in need and offered up resources. A guy who some see as being the cause of our economic crisis started under the Bush administration. No, it’s Obama’s fault in their minds and no amount of asking them to look back is going to change things.

Now I will admit I am not 100% happy with Obama for my own reasons, shit as I have said before he is not nearly as radical as I like…as a former community organizer I expect some real change then again I am willing to give him some time but that’s just me.

The thing is our short attention spans could end up resulting eventually in the return of every-man being in power. I read a piece this morning where Obama (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) made a comment about Scott Brown over the weekend stating anyone can drive around in a pick up truck. That’s true but at least in MA and  I suspect in other areas throughout this county for whatever reason we see guys like Brown as being like us…say what you will but the every-man persona complete with pick up truck makes folks feel comfortable. I can’t help thinking maybe the Dems need to start getting some attractive folks heading up their cause. No need for fancy words, but folks like pretty faces.  How else can you explain the rise of Sarah Palin? Dumb and cute yet folks love here and I no longer think the prospect of her winning in 2012 is a pipe dream should she consider a run for the White House. Hell, we don’t know where countries are on a map why the hell do we want our leaders to?

No, we long for every-man, that person who speaks to us in a down home cadence, and well seems a lot like us. Of course we aren’t all that way but I suspect a great deal of  us are.

So this morning if I were Obama and his crew I might start thinking of how we can change things up and recapture the energy that propelled him to the White House by listening to the needs of folks and sadly despite the fact health care is a good thing, it seems folks want jobs. So Mister President I think if you plan on being more than a one term president, you need to work on building your every-man persona…take up bowling, see about a presidential pick up truck too while you are at it. I hear Ford F-150’s are real popular with every-man…while you are at it maybe you and Joe can take up hunting but please don’t shoot anyone.  Oh and create some jobs too but really Americans are a tad slow as long as we see you as being just like us even if you don’t create any jobs or do anything positive we might re-elect you on the basis of being just like us. Of course you and your wife have that pesky permanent tan issue that some might see as a barrier but perhaps Sammy Sosa will share the secrets of his skin rejuvenation treatments with you. I see they got rid of Sammy’s brown issue.

On the other hand none of my advice might work since we are in the midst of the stupid tsunami here in America.