RIP Bernie

I had no plans to blog today seeing as how its the weekend, but I just heard that Bernie Mac passed, and I have to say for a moment I felt like I had lost a loved one. Regular readers know that despite the name of this blog, I am from Chicago, spent a good share of my life on the southside in fact, same general area that Bernie Mac hailed from.

I can’t say that I knew the brother, but I have known of him for years just in Chicago and have always loved his routine. Admittedly his style of humor was not for the faint of heart or PC crowd. That said, I loved his piece in Kings of Comedy about watching the kids and the little girl (I believe his niece) who wanted her milk and cookies. The fact that as he said in the routine, that she looked at him like he was small, always got laughs around here, especially in this last year as mini-me at times seems like she has the personality of that niece he talked about.

Anyway the beauty of blogging is when you got something to say, you can just post it, so I say RIP to Bernie and his family. Chicago and the world lost a true king of comedy. Perhaps you can meet my Mom up there in the great party and tell her some jokes.

2 thoughts on “RIP Bernie”

  1. I found out a few hours ago…..I was shocked. I don’t understand how many of our talented ones are dying at such a young age. Life is so fickle at times.

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