QAnon, whiteness and other American delusions

Well, we got a new president. It actually happened. It was rough going there for a minute, but we did it. And, honestly, it’s kind of nice. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of Biden. He scares the hell out of me, but at least it’s a step in a good direction—so far. His calls for unity make me a little nervous, though. Whenever a white politician calls for unity it’s usually about race and it never means the destruction of white supremacy. It means Black folks will continue to sacrifice our minds, bodies and spirits in the name of “compromise”.

We can’t do that this time. It’s just not possible anymore. There just isn’t any room for error left. For example, the impeachment trial of the former president needs to end in conviction, or every leader will know that there are no consequences for trying to destroy the country. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have to be expelled and banned from holding any kind of public office. If not, again, endless attempts at destroying the country will be made until one succeeds.

Both parties share an amount of corruption. Both parties share an amount of responsibility for our current historical low point. But only one party is beyond redemption. Only the Republican Party is based entirely on delusion. This is clear for many reasons, but the most obvious is that only republican leadership has QAnon believers among their ranks.

If you are not familiar, QAnon is an online cult of conspiracy promoting the belief that there is such a thing as a “deep state” run by cannibalistic, Satan-worshiping pedophiles. There’s something to do with lizard-men as well. Yes, really, and they’ve terrorized, kidnapped and killed for this belief. And there are two republican congressional seats held by these believers.

Obviously, achieving any kind of country-wide unity with those whose top priority is self-defense from satanic lizard-men is not only unlikely, but also an abyss unworthy of our stares. But, just in case you think that belief in QAnon is peak American delusion, please allow me to tell you all about whiteness. That’s right, lizard-men, Pizzagate and whatever other types of lunacy seems beyond the pale, so to speak, is no more ludicrous than believing skin color is a sign of character or deservedness.

The problem itself is not QAnon, trumpism or any other subculture of conspiracy. The problem is actually whiteness, the original cult of delusional American entitlement. Whiteness is the entitlement, status, privilege, and delusion that is the foundation of our government, economy, borders, and almost every other facet of American society. Whiteness is our foundational departure from a shared reality—and QAnon, trumpism and the like are just the natural and most recent evolutions of that departure. Compromising with those who have departed from reality only guarantees your own joining in that departure. For the country’s sake, I hope whatever unity Biden has in mind exclusively brings them back to earth.

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