No forks for you

I know I have been on a current events kick but seriously there is so much going on, its hard not to comment about it. Anyway it seems ole Bernie Madoff had some help with his elaborate scheme (duh…of course he did) and the latest word is that his accountant is being indicted. Oh well, Mister Accountant had to know that was coming.

It also seems there might end up being some form of justice with regards to Mrs Madoff too, it seems the powers to be are looking at taking everything ole Ruthie owns and that includes $65,000 in silverware…damn, I wonder if bacon and eggs taste better when you eat it on expensive silverware. Of course by the time the federal-es are done with the Madoff family, they ought to be happy if they are not walking around in orange jumpsuits, much less eating off expensive silverware.

No, Ruth the gubments wants your forks, knives and I hear they also want your expensive piano. Like I said a few posts back, a woman with a degree in nutrition does not earn enough on her own to afford million dollar homes unless she is some sort of Paula Deen or Martha Stewart. Ruth, the gig is up….you know you and the kids were all in on Papa’s get rich quick scheme.

No, it seems in America as many of us face unprecedented economic challenges, folks are not in the mood and we want to see folks pay for their wrong doing. Hence all the pressure on the folks at AIG about the bonuses, fuck contracts, use common sense.

Anyway while going after crooks won’t put any money in our pockets, there is a sort of perverse pleasure to be derived from seeing crooked bastards pay for their deeds. In fact it goes a long way in restoring a sense that maybe there is justice and its not just us who get fucked over.

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