Haters gotta hate

To quote or perhaps paraphrase my boy Katt Williams “Haters gotta hate, that’s they motherfucking job.”  See today I was continuing to walk around in the afterglow of Obama’s win, yet I knew some punk ass bitch was going to say or do something that smacked me back to the fact that America is still a fucked up joint albeit a tad less fucked up since more of us came together than not to choose change.

Anyhoo, yesterday out in cyberspace I came across a few of my mothering blogs where there were mothers gnashing and wailing their teeth because they are sure that Obama’s win means innocent babies will die. Look newsflash, Roe v. Wade could be overturned today and some women would still get pregnant and choose to abort even if that meant they would do things that might cause them to lose their life in the process too. Hello….women used to die because they did not have access to a safe and legal abortion.

I’m not gonna lie, I am pro-choice, see as a woman who has had kids, I feel that parenting is too tough a job to do if you don’t think its the job for you. See unlike other occupations, you can’t just quit being someones Mama if you start the gig and decide its not the job for you. Oh, yeah you can leave  but generally if you decide to hit the door after you give birth and have spent some time on the job, you are almost guaranteeing that is one person wandering the earth with issues.

My Mom’s birth-mother did that to her and my Moms was fucked up despite the fact that she was raised by her father and his family until my grandpa remarried when my Mom was seven. My Mom came face to face with her birth-mom at 16 and she never quite got an answer as to why her Mom after carrying her in the womb for nine months and then raising her for 8 months,  decided she didn’t want to be a Mama. Of course it didn’t help that this same woman went on later to have seven more kids, now I will admit I talk to birth grandma but its a strained relationship at best.

No, my Mom had issues and to some degree she carried those issues over to her own life when she became a Mama. Nope, parenting is serious work and the potential to fuck up a human up along with 1-2 generations is too great should you do the job wrong. So since I have been old enough to understand what abortion is, I believe it has a place in society. I have seen too many unwanted kids become adults and that shit ain’t pretty.

I also am bothered by the fact that those who scream the loudest about abortion, aside from seeing them picketing abortion clinics and running bogus clinics designed to scare the shit out of women, how come they never do anything helpful for preexisting people to help better their plights on the planet?

So I get it that some folks feel that Obama will be handing out abortions on the corner, even though that is just some bullshit as far as I am concerned, perhaps these assholes should watch something other than Fox News.

So the other category of haters are the gun folks, they seem to believe their rights to bear arms will be seriously restricted. Now I will admit I got a serious bias with these folks as I am a former pacifist who still leans heavily towards non-violence though I admit sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. That said, seems a lot of folks really like guns and that truthfully that scares me. See unless your ass is hunting Bambi to turn that bitch into a casserole, the only other reason I see for a gun is to kill folks, so I ain’t really all that cool with guns. Yet I respect that some folks really dig em, however I just don’t see Obama  taking away your right to bear arms though I admit there are certain folks and no not felons I sure wish didn’t have any guns, but shit I don’t always get what I want. C’est lavie.

However even after taking my tour during the white blogosphere and reading through all the gloom and doom posts, I was still feeling good until an encounter with someone locally who cares about these crazy issues refused to even acknowledge that as a society electing Obama did mean change.  I know it was a small thing but honestly it pissed me off and actually just served as my wake up reminder that the more things change the more some shit stays the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to let this one person piss in my Cheerios but it does tell me that while many of us are still celebrating to be cautious and know that Rome was not built in a day, so turn that music up and pass me a drank while I keep on celebrating. Now that I vented, the party can continue.