Bye Bye Juice…a Friday Ramble

I almost wasn’t planning on posting today since I have been in back to back meetings and only just got back home. However as I sat down on my computer and read the MSN headline that OJ Simpson was headed to jail, I just had to write….

Juice, can I call you that, now I know you won’t ever be reading this but that’s ok, Negro what the hell was you thinking when you rolled up in the Palace Station trying to bumrush folks for what you thought was yours? Now I know you are getting up there in age but Negro I remember when you got off the first time, white folks was none to happy about you murdering not one but 2 white folks and getting away with that shit. It was all kinds of tense on my office back then when that not guilty verdict was announced. Shit, white folks was looking at the rest of us shady all because of your Black ass.

Why we (us Black folks) even gave two rats ass about you still boggles me but I digress. Look inm America when a Black man kills two white folks and gets off, you supposed to know that for the rest of your natural life you need to lay low. White folks don’t forget shit like that. Yeah, we have come a long way in the 13 years since you killed them folks, after all the President Elect is Black but as my boy Mos Def say, some shit you just don’t do.

Anyway I wish you farewell as you prepare to spend what most likely will be the rest of your life locked up, hoping the brothas got ya back and that them angry white boys in the joint don’t shank your ass. Frankly couldn’t happen to a more deserving sell out Negro.