Calling All White People, Part 62: Tucker and the fighting white men

TODAY’S EPISODE: A Tuck’s take on white male combat

So, it seems that a large part of Tucker Carlson being fired from FOX News is around a text message he sent to a producer after witnessing a group of Trump supporters gang up on an “Antifa kid” to beat the crap out of him, describing the assault as “three against one, at least” and adding, “Jumping a guy like that is dishonourable obviously. It’s not how white men fight.” It also seems that Carlson went on about finding himself “rooting for the mob against the man, hoping they’d hit him harder, kill him. I really wanted them to hurt the kid. I could taste it.” Though apparently he then noted such thoughts made him feel a bit of shame.

I hardly know where to begin, but let’s go for the low-hanging fruit first.

He was excited to see someone related to the antifa movement get beat all to hell and kinda hoped they’d kill him. Antifa stands for “anti-fascist.” So if you want the “Antifa kid” to go down, you’re anti-antifa. If you’re anti-antifa, that makes you pro-fascist.

But what he wrote is also so very, very racist.

It’s unclear what race the victim of the beating was from Carlson’s text but what is clear is the sentiment that ganging up on someone to beat the ever-living crap out of them isn’t something white men do. That is Carlson elevating white men to some superior level of morality which, by extension, clearly suggests the barbaric, uncouth, nasty fighting is something non-white people—probably Black ones in particular given his views and history—typically embrace.

So, yeah…racist as hell.

And also so very, very wrong.

I hesitate to suggest anything Carlson says or writes is worthy of comment, because it’s mostly excrement. Also, giving any kind of credence for knowing  anything about “manly” behavior when the man whined about not being able to lust after a candy anymore when the green M&M character lost her white go-go boots just seems wrong. But here goes.

I’ve seen more than a few fights in person and on video. Got news for you, Tuck-Tuck, white dudes gang up on folks plenty. Really, dudes in general. Not always, but it’s a pretty regular thing to gather ‘round the prone target of your bullying rage and kick the crap out of him while he’s down. Even in those private schools you went to, Tuckaroo.

This fantasy world where white men somehow regularly approach conflict with a hearty “Let us engage in fisticuffs under the Queen’s Rules of boxing to settle this matter with dignity and honor” is laughable. Also dangerous as, again, it suggests that white men are the ones who fight fair.

They don’t even fight fair in ideological or political circles, That’s why they have to gerrymander the hell out of districts to dilute the non-white vote  and work so hard to make it difficult for non-white people to vote at all. Because they know that if they “fight fair” they will lose a lot more than they do now.

Because not only do non-white people overwhelmingly hate what the Republicans are doing these days, most Americans in general don’t agree with a lot of what they are doing. But taking out the non-white people by ganging up on them really helps put the rotten white men over the edge win-wise and even decent white Americans tend not to pay enough attention to non-white people being disenfranchised and abused, so it’s pretty easy to pull off.

Anyway, bottom line: Dirty fighting not only isn’t something rejected by white men but it’s been a viable and accepted go-to move. To suggest otherwise is sexist and racist and…well…idiotic.

It’s just a shame that so many people hang on every wrong and harmful word that drips from Carlson’s lips—and that he’ll probably have a wide platform again one day soon or maybe even a political office from which to root for white-man mobs while pretending it’s not what white men do.

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