Mitty, you have a connection problem

Dear Mitty, (May I call you that?)

Whatever would we do without you? Seriously! Already this week alone you have shown us how things might look under a Romney regime (oops, presidency). I mean you wasted no time showing us how you would deal with enemies of America, facts and tact be damned, just start running your mouth…good going! I imagine you learned that approach in all your years of running Bain Capital and hey you were good at that, really good. Shit, everyone knows the same skills that one uses to make bushels of money are probably what one needs to run a country, after all country, company, they are all the same.

Just today, you were very gracious and answered a question I had been wondering about, here on my little slice of the digital world. I wanted to know what exactly is middle class in 2012 and it seems today, you told the whole world that in Romney land, the middle income folks are those having an income between between $200, 000-$250,000 a year or less. Thanks Mitty, I always had a funny feeling I really wasn’t middle class and you definitely confirmed that for me and millions of others. In fact you were asked if $100,000 was middle income and you very clearly told George Stepanopoulos that $100,000 is not middle income.

Now Mitty, you are a rich and powerful guy and you are entitled to live by your own rules, but maybe someone who works for you should pull your coattails and inform you that the median income in the USA, that place where you want to run things is a meager hair over $50,000…a year!  It seems your plan if elected is to reduce taxes for middle income Americans. One small problem is that by your standards there aren’t going to be many folks taking advantage of that benefit since most working stiffs make far less than $200,000.

I understand that in Romney land, $200,000 is probably chump change but just to give you some perspective, remember that time when you made that $10,000 bet? Well there are plenty of people living on like $10,000 a year. No, I am serious. I actually see these people every day in my work, see I provide social services to people in need and in Maine (that state next door to New Hampshire, where you go to relax) has a lot of poor people. For real! You should stop by some day and I would love to show you what I see.

Look, Mitty, all jokes aside you have a connection problem. Most people in America like to think they are middle class and you basically just told em they are poor. Remember, when you said, “you aren’t very concerned about the poor because they have an ample safety net.” Well Mitty, I am here to tell you they don’t…in fact in America we have plenty of people with no net.  By the same token there are a lot of people who don’t care for President Obama, who would be happy to vote for you, but the more you talk, the less likely some of those folks may be to vote for you. After all, you can’t go around popping people’s bubbles and telling them they are poor and therefore you aren’t concerned about them.

Anyway, I have taken up enough of your time, best of luck to you.


Black Girl in Maine

PS: Seriously, you should come and visit me, just so you can see up close what life is like for the poor people and no, 211 can’t help them.