It’s a Family Affair

As much as I love writing and blogging, it seems this week I have to ramp it up on my day job. Considering that is the work that helps keep the lights on, I really can’t complain. I mean I could complain but what good would it do? Not much and all it would do is bring me down.

However after dropping hints to the Man Unit forever that he should get into the parental blogging game and after reading this piece in the New York Times about the rise of the Dad blogger, the ole Man is throwing his hat in the ring. Lucky for y’all he is a real writer with a couple of them fancy journalism degrees and decades of experience as a writer and editor who earns enough to keep us in our lavish lifestyle. No comma splices for him!

So if you need some new reading material, go check out his new space Raising the Goddess where he will be talking about life with our little goddess and real talk on fatherhood. Maybe we can become a power blogging couple…or not. In any event, we won’t be giving up our day jobs and at least we will have something else to talk about.

Catch y’all later!