Guest Post: Changing Careers in an Uncertain Economic Climate: Are you Courageous or just Plain Crazy?

Today’s post is brought to you by Kell’s Think Tank. Kell answered the call from the series I was trying to do about the economic downturn…enjoy and if anyone else wants to submit a guest post, email me at After 10 years in the telecommunications industry, I decided it was high time to shift […]

Stop playing with us

Am I the only one who hears the news reports about the economy and thinks, quit bullshitting us? Seriously, just this weekend, I was hearing how the “experts” think more people will get out and travel this summer…after all gas prices are cheaper. Gee, its jumped like crazy in the past few weeks to a […]

Bonus…I don’t think so

Its no wonder the US economy is all kinds of fucked up. Whatever happened to the days when good old common sense was in abundance? You went to work, did a good job, the company had a good year and then they rewarded the workers with a share of the goodies. See, that’s the way […]

Where’s the justice?

Americans by and large tend to really believe the fantasy that with hard work, we can all become millionaires hence why you end up with schmucks like “Joe the Plumber” who is barely earning a middle class salary and behind on his taxes voting against his self-interest because one day he “might” be rich. Yep, […]

Frugality and Black Folks

While I write this blog so that anyone regardless of race or ethnicity can read it, I will admit my audience by and large is Black folks and this is one of those times I am writing for that audience. In these tough economic times it seems everyone is attempting to scale back on some […]

Get ready….the world is ending or is it?

By now just about everyone in this country is either feeling the impact of the economic downturn or knows someone  who is intimately acquainted with the current financial woes that are gripping the nation. It seems even the rich are starting to scale back, even if its just cutting back on the number of designer duds […]

They don’t know what to do

So I woke up this morning and as usual was listening to NPR and the discussion was focused on President Obama signing this massive stimulus package. On the surface that may sound like a good deal after all, at this point everyone agrees that the economy is in shambles and needs some help like yesterday. […]

Its not that serious

This morning as I do most mornings, I fired up the laptop to read the local newspaper online and check my favorite blogs while sipping my morning joe. While sipping a lovely cup of Sumatra, I ran across this story and this one, in the first story it seems a fellow was so distraught over […]

No money, no cry…

So yesterday, a whole lotta folks went to work in the US only to learn that they were about to join the ranks of all those other folks who in the past year have lost their jobs. Yep,  the good ole American economy shed what, 70,000 gigs in one day and we know more cuts […]