Bonus…I don’t think so

Its no wonder the US economy is all kinds of fucked up. Whatever happened to the days when good old common sense was in abundance? You went to work, did a good job, the company had a good year and then they rewarded the workers with a share of the goodies. See, that’s the way I am used to thinking of bonuses. Of course having spent most of my professional career in the non-profit sector, bonuses are not something I have experienced too often. At best, I am used to a gift card or gift certificate during the holidays as a thank-you for my hard work.

However common sense clearly does not apply to the jokers on Wall Street and in this case the fools at AIG who not only did a lousy job of running their company but did such a bad job, that the greater US economy felt the pain of their stupidity and these clowns needed some tax payer cash to keep the doors open.

Now for the average man or woman on the street when you hit hard times and need some government help to survive, you have to be in bad shape. That means no hidden stash of cash and other goodies, no valuables, you have to be poor in order to get any help from the various entitlement programs. On the other hand when you are a large corporation and you get government aid, well you can live life as usual and that includes your annual bonus.

This weekend the story broke that AIG plans to pay out a chunk of change to the amazing talent at the corporation who helped fuck up not only AIG but the US economy. It seems these jokers have contracts and if they are not paid well they can sue. So we the American taxpayers are being told we will be sporting the costs for rich guys to stay rich while the rest of us plebians get broker. It seems the masses are finally waking up and most of us including yours truly are none to pleased with that idea.

The thing that is bugging me is that the AIG folks keep telling us they have to do this to retain the top talent at the corporation….um, newsflash, these folks weren’t too talented so tell them that the bonus this year is that they still have jobs. Fuck the bonus you idiots you are still employed and still being paid too much. Look, if these bonuses were going to folks like the janitors and secretaries, truthfully I would be less bothered but to reward rich fuck ups is just wrong.

Anyway no one is listening to me since if I was running the show, I’d tell them not only are you not getting a bonus but keep complaining and I will replace your non-performing ass with some cheaper help. There are millions of unemployed Americans many with skills and talents that could almost certainly do a better job at a cheaper price.

So the bailout saga continues, how much more will we pour into a sinking ship?