Uh oh…we have been hit

Just a brief post to say that posting may be sparse for the next week. It seems H1N1 also known as the swine flu has hit the girl child’s preschool class. Now she has the sniffles and I have had an off and on fever for the past few days. Thanks to the piggy flu taking hold in her class, it’s meant she has had no school and that means even less time for me to focus on my job that keeps the dough rolling in. Thankfully times like this make me glad I have the job that I do since taking time off is not an issue. Thanks to my wonderful staff that actually does the hands on work, I can do a good part of my job from home while we wrestle with illness here.

So, until we are healthy and well, I probably need to let some things slide since right now my chief job is head of in home entertainment for one overly energetic kid who hates being home bound. Catch ya when we are well and stay healthy friends.