Tuesday Reveries

It’s Tuesday and apparently Mother Nature is really mad or something because despite the fact we are mere days away from May, it feels more like late November. Oh yeah, we have had a few teaser days where the sun comes out, you break out the flip flops and start doing the happy dance only to be put back in your place the next day.

Anyhoo, just some drive by thoughts today, no rhyme or reason just shit that has popped into my mind that I thought I would share with you.

First up, why did I wake up this morning to a neighbor’s rather large dog, running loose up and down the street with no master in sight? I make no bones about the fact that I am not a dog person in fact I get down right scared when I see a large dog not on a leash and with no human owner near by. I blame this on the fact that at 8, I was chased fast and furiously by a dog and damn near got bit. Since then, I have had no love for the pooches though having 2 kids who are dog lovers has made me at least tolerate smaller dogs with a couple of breeds such as this one and this one almost winning my heart. Emphasis on almost but by and large me and the pooches are just two things that won’t ever go together.

So thanks to Mr. Pooch running up and down the street he put the kibosh on my plans to walk to the dentist for some much needed exercise. Instead I had the man drop me off and I did a smaller walk afterward, straight to the café for some much needed breakfast.

Speaking of the dentist, it was time for a return visit. Despite my misgivings about returning to the original dentist who referred me to the oral surgeon from hell, I have simply invested too much money in this guy to start the search for another primary dentist. Today’s visit was caused by the tooth that needs a cap deciding to give me some trouble…well after yet another round of x-rays (damn those little photos are costly) we have decided to go the extraction route. Seems that pesky second molar officially needs another root canal which with the cap would mean that one little tooth way way in the back of my mouth would cost damn near $3000 to fix. Even the dentist said if was him he would be hesitant to put that kind of money into a tooth that has already had a root canal. Damn, I am a speshul snowflake, how many folks need to get a root canal on tooth that has already had one? Yep, that’s how I roll.

While we are on the subject of money, why did the office staff at the dentist office seem perturbed that the dentist only charged me for the x-ray and not the exam? Cool ya roll as my Granny used to say, it’s not your cash. Gee, it’s about time this fella starts cutting me a deal; I am going broke just on x-rays and exams.

So while we are talking money, I decided a few nights ago to revisit all my debts to see where I am and the running tally is $224,827.23. Nope you read that right, yeah I am bumming, seems despite my frugality the interest is accruing faster than the debt is getting paid off. Needless to say I am exploring my options and thinking I may be taking the leap from thinking about calling a bankruptcy attorney to actually making that call. Yep, looks like the girl is officially going bankrupt. A friend asked me how I felt about that, I said if it happens it might actually be a relief since when I calculated how long it would take me to get this paid off at the current rate of payment I will be 63, the man will be 68 and we will have no retirement account whatsoever. Seems like a sure fire recipe for senior years spent dining on Fancy Feast. So that’s what’s on my mind today.

PS: Not all that debt is not credit cards, it’s actually student loans, and back taxes medical bills and a very small amount of credit card debt. So it’s not all dis chargeable by bankrupt but if I have done my homework well enough of it is, that it would give me a clean enough start.