Slow your roll

Some of my readers may have no clue what the hell today’s blog title means, yet it was something my Granny used to say whenever we (us kids) were acting crazy or doing things that we needed to be cautious about. It’s funny because as I have struggled with the aftermath of my surgery, I can clear as day here my Granny’s voice saying “Girl, you better slow your roll.”

Folks who know me in real life, know I tend to go in a million directions, I was multitasking long before it became the thing to do. Rarely in my adult life have I ever been forced to sit down and do nothing but I have to say this surgery has knocked me to my knees. I was laboring under the false impression that having my hernia repaired was a minor surgery, after all you are in and out the same day…ha ha ha. Readers, this has been by far the worse pain I have ever dealt with and I say that having had one of my kids with no pain medication after being in labor 4 days. See, after I had my babies while I was a tad wobbly I more of less felt a sense of relief, I mean I was up and showering and eating after having babies.

I had this surgery Thursday morning and have only bathed once since Thursday in part because the bandages could not get wet for the first 48 hours after surgery and also because the idea of moving to get in the shower sounded like hell on earth. To say I have been taken aback by how serious this would be is a understatment, shit simple functions like laughing and coughing are hazardous to me at the moment. Let’s not even talk about the fact that since some of my plumbing was rewired, it’s created a bit of a back up in my pipes…use your imaginations and well when your abdomen is filled with fresh new stitches thanks to the new rewiring job having backed up air in the pipes is really not a good thing.

So now that you are probably grossed out at the visuals, I figured I’d pop in and say I am alive and while I am up at the moment, I am getting ready to lay back down and resume heeding my dearly departed Granny’s favorite words..I am cooling my roll. I am taking advantage of the fact that I am pretty limited in what I can do to focus on living in the moment and thinking about the future.

Catch ya later, when I can get back to rolling along at my normal speed of life.