My house…the rules

Lately I have had an increase in folks coming to this blog and that’s cool. After all its nice to know someone actually reads what I write and while its nice when folks like what I have to say and agree with me, its not my expectation that all readers will be like me.

Look, its cool to disagree with me, its cool to even question me but it is not cool to think you can come to my blog and blatantly disagree with me in a disrespectful manner. Calling me a hypocritical black heffa is very bad thing to do. You can expect that if you are a first time commenter and leave that comment as someone did, that I will not approve it and you are not welcome to post until you get some manners.

I blog because I like to, I am an opinionated person, views expressed here are mine and just like my physical house, you just cannot come here and be a asshole.

So while I welcome dissent, you can keep your disrespectful thoughts to yourself.

I am busy with work today so sorry but this will be the posting for the day. Happy Hump Day!