Mama is tired of always being on stage

I have a case of the blahs, not the blues more like I am tired of always being on…one of the downsides of living in Maine is that I don’t have ready access to the support system I used to have. To be honest right now, my lack of sista support has got me frazzled, always putting on the good face and being the nice lady sometimes wears on one’s soul. That duality that DuBois wrote of many years ago is real and now that it’s official I won’t be getting away for a few days as I had hoped, I feel like the kid that woke up on Christmas to nothing under the tree. It will pass, it always does, but hey I am human and I take the good with the bad!

I ran across this oldie but goodie, I used to listen to this a lot when it was just me and the college kid, it got me through many a bad day, so I am sharing it.