Friday out and about edition

If you are a regular reader, you know one thing about me….I am long winded like nobody’s business. Well last night it dawned on me that maybe my posts as a general rule are too damn long. This hunch was later confirmed by a few of my favorite readers and tweoples (that’s twitter people in case ya don’t know).

So I will be experimenting with some new things, primarily making some of my posts shorter….now, now you know they can’t all be short. I do like to run my mouth! Anyway I will also be trying to use a few more photos and figured today was a great day, for some scenes in my life up here in Maine.

Today was the last day of the kidlet’s spring vacation so as a family we went into Portland to run errands, hang out and celebrate Earth day. Catch ya back here on Monday! Happy weekending and Happy Holiday if you celebrate Easter.