Drive by post..

No time for serious blogging today but I did want to stop by. My daughter is still sick, we are waiting to get test results back to see what’s going on with her. What can I say? October has been a month of sickness up here in Maine, anyway I am feeling better though I will be going back to the doctor myself to nail down what’s wrong with me but at the moment, I am hanging in there.

I am officially behind in client work so hopefully next week, mini-me will be better so I can get this stuff off my desk and invoices in the mail.

Its officially fall time in Maine, leaves are stacked up in my yard. I am sure my neighbors wish I would go out and start raking, but at the moment its not a priority. Despite my desire to keep the heat off until November, the air is crisp and cold, should mini-me start feeling better soon, I have a butternut squash that needs to be turned into soup and some cranberries that are destined to become muffins.

In world events, all I want to know is for 150G’s how come Sarah Palin doesn’t have a better sense of style? So not only is she empty in the head, turns out her clothes don’t even belong to her. When I think about that it doesn’t say a lot about her.

Anyway I will be back soon as time permits.