Thank you!!!

As we say good bye to 2012, I want to take a moment and say thank-you. Yes, you dear readers. When I started this blog back in 2008, pretty much the only readers I had were immediate friends and family members along with a handful of other bloggers whose blogs I would comment on.

In the past four years, more than once I have thought about calling it a day and each time I would share my feelings I would hear back from someone saying don’t give up. You have no idea how much your words of encouragement have meant to me. As a blogger I march to my own beat and at times, it is hard. Yet this space has allowed me to play with a voice and style of writing that I have always wanted to test out unlike my work with The Portland Phoenix or other writing work that I do.

This past year or so has been a wild ride for me, as it’s become clear that maybe my childhood dream of being a writer might actually come to fruition. For that I am honored and humbled that you read this blog when the truth is blogs are a dime a dozen and this one doesn’t even have all the cool bells, whistles and pretty pictures that most others have.

Thanks to you dear readers, I have had opportunities that I frankly couldn’t even dream of, and in a few cases I know there were readers of this little space who brought my work to the attention of others. I appreciate each and every one of your comments and emails though I may not always have time due to my day job to reply. I appreciate each and every one of the tips that occasionally come through my tip jar; there have been times when they really made a huge difference. Thank you for following the Black Girl in Maine Facebook page and Twitter accounts and for just being a part of my journey on this rock.  In closing, thank you dear reader for without you, I am just talking to myself and driving the Man Unit batty.

Here in BGIM land, I wish you a happy and wonderful New Year!

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