Off for Hump Day

No new post today, I actually wrote a post for today but it doesn’t quite feel right and its actually a busy day up in my corner of the world. So rather than throw something up simply to have a post a day, I am thinking its time to get back to writing from my heart.

I didn’t start blogging for hits, fame or cash…I was just a person looking to connect with others and a loudmouth needing to blow off steam. I joke that for me blogging is cheaper than therapy but I fear lately that I have been spending so much time looking to make this a more professional thing that I am getting away from doing what I do…which is to write from my heart.

Last night I had an epiphany, this blog is probably not going to ever blow up in terms of numbers, probably won’t meet my fund raising goal and you know what? That’s okay, as stressful as my job is I am good at my work and while I am definitely planning the escape to something a tad less stressful I don’t need the added stress of trying to crank out a post every day over here. Granted it might still happen but I am going to take that off my plate for right now.

Happy Hump Day!