That’s a lot of babies!

There are some things I just don’t get, I am talking I really cannot understand…I am talking about folks who subscribe to the notion of being quiverfull. Look, I truly believe that children are a blessing but at the same time I think they are a responsibility and we need to be mindful when we are planning to have em.

The reason for this mini rant is that this week, I stumbled onto a few online communities of women who subscribe to the view that it’s the Lord’s will  to be fruitful and multiply…generally this opinion is based on several verses often found in the Old Testament specifically in the book of Psalms. Generally I would say cool and leave it at that, but thanks to the miracle of the internet and the ability to share our lives with one another. I must admit that for some of these families I am appalled at the way these folks willingly choose to live and maybe its the PMS but I just have to say something.

Why would anyone choose to have back to back babies with no means to take care of them. Children don’t need their own rooms or brand new clothes or fancy shit but when you create a family so large that the older kids are left to parent the younger ones, that’s too many damn kids. Really…I can assure you those kids will grow the fuck up and there is a good chance they are not going to choose your lifestyle.

I struggle with giving enough time to my kids and spouse and most certainly have a small family, I can only imagine how hard quality time is with your kids when you have 8, 9, or even 19 ala Duggars. Shit, that’s not a family its a sports team, hell its two teams. I often think of my father who was one of 16 and how birthdays were not special because the family was so big there was no way to have a special celebration every month…shit, they had more kids than months. My father rarely has anything good to say about growing up in such a large family and as I have posted before to this day I think some of his emotional detachment is a result of being part of such a large family.

No, I think when we look at kids as items to possess for less than honorable intentions, when we accumulate kids the way some collect beanie babies we do our children a disservice. When we look at our house and calculate the square footage out and figure how may kids we can fit in, that strikes me less as a loving plan and instead steeped in outdated ideology.

Guess you can so I am saying poo-poo on the quiverfull movement, clearly I’m not signing up anytime soon.