When life gets real or off to tend to my dad

Long time readers of this space know that I lost my mom a number of years ago. I am down to one parent who stands between me becoming the family elder… a role that I am not ready for at this time. A couple of years ago, we thought we might lose my dad but my dad is the cat with nine lives. He cheats death and has outlived his wife,  my beloved mother, as well as a good chunk of family members and far exceeded the expectations of healthcare professionals. A walking medical miracle.

Unfortunately my father has taken ill and we are once again hoping that he will continue his winning streak and keep winning at this game of life. However he is ill enough that I am headed home to Chicago. Considering that I bought a one-way ticket to my original home, I have no idea what we are facing or how long I will be there, so until I am back home in Maine and working with a clear head, blogging is suspended for the moment. If you are the praying type, I welcome your prayers as I walk this journey as the child of an aging adult…a most precarious place to be.

Until we meet again…


Black Girl in Maine aka Shay

14 thoughts on “When life gets real or off to tend to my dad”

  1. I hope that your dad feels better soon. I’m responding to your post regarding your lack of local friends. The comments are closed, so that’s why I’m leaving one here. I’m someone who’s reached out to you several times, yet you never gave me a chance. Although I’m intelligent and we have things in common, you never even give me half an hour to hangout.

    You told me you would, but when warmer weather finally arrived, you couldn’t commit to any time. Ironically, you repeatedly said how bored you were on Twitter during last summer. I can only surmise, that others have also tried to connect with you. If you complain about not having companionship, you have to ask yourself: “Why am I turning down possible new friends?” You have to be willing to try too, and not expect people to continuously “court” you.

  2. I understand what you’re going through. My mom became ill a few years ago and she’s now in assisted living. My prayers are with you and your family.

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