Looking for non-white folks who live in Maine as well as working class folks in Maine

In light of a discussion that started on this blog a few posts ago, I would like to ask any folks who live in Maine who are either non-white or who hail from working class or even more humbler roots to consider doing a guest post here at Black Girl in Maine.

One of the reasons I started this blog last year was because as I like to joke it was cheaper than therapy but also I was interested in connecting with others….in the past year, I regularly get emails from folks particularly people of color who are either contemplating a moveĀ  to Maine or folks who recently moved here who are in a daze…

Maine has this amazing reputation outside of New England of being a place of lighthouses, lobsters and leisure. Yet those of us who make are home know there is so much more to our state, but at the same time its a place where there can be a lot of ugliness if you are not white or poor. I will say that the first 2.5 years here were the hardest in my life, the only reason I stayed is because my position back in Chicago had been filled and I had no place to go back to, otherwise we would have left most likely.

Anyway I know there are a few folks who lurk here on a regular basis and I would encourage you to share your stories about Maine. Oddly enough BGIM started off as a predominiantly Black blog but it seems my demographics are shifting and because of that I think there is great potential fo a dialogue that can be beneficial for all.

27 thoughts on “Looking for non-white folks who live in Maine as well as working class folks in Maine”

  1. I am in Presque Isle, Maine working on a three month contract. The people are very nice but I am the only black person in my place of employment and I’ve only seen three more in this whole town. Lol. Either way, I’ve found I have to travel to Bangor to find anything to do. I’m open to any suggestions of where to meet people or find other things to do.

  2. I just moved from River Falls Wisconsin a small town. I owned a hobby farm for 19 years. This particular small town was the best place I’ve ever lived, but it came with a cost. I had 3 black friends and met a wonderful black man which we dated for a couple of months only to find out he really was into white women. He married one and wanted all to have dinner together. My family would visit from NY and I introduced them to the farm life. I must say it was very comical. Now here in Bath Maine I would like to seek out places to dance, meet nice men and be come part of a community that includes black women for friendship. Where does one go? Any suggestions.

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