Just another fall day in Maine

I love long holiday weekends, since for the obvious reason it means a day off work. This weekend up here in Maine signals pretty much the official end of the tourist season, not that folks don’t come when its cold but most folks enjoy Maine when the weather is nice. So to celebrate the end of the season, the family and I went over to the neighboring town where we took in some sights and enjoyed the last pier fries of the season.DSC02423 Prior to moving to Maine, the idea of eating french fries with nothing but salt and vinegar would have seemed like a strange concept but something about the way these fries are cooked, make them something locals and tourists alike enjoy.

In addition to one last official visit to the beach, I even took in some good thrifting…scored another great container. I am all about the containers. Once again such a great weekend left me inspired to share some of the pictures I took. Sorry to say, you will rarely encounter any shots of myself or the family aside from shots where you can’t recognize us. Due to the work I do in real life, I am not anxious to put our faces up on the blog. While I am an open book in many regards, its important to me to respect my family’s need for privacy also coupled with the fact that since I occasionally attract unstable folks with my writings for a local publication, it hit me that giving folks a face to attach to my name might not be a great idea.

See ya in a few days!