Just a lazy afternoon

DSC02399Friday afternoon came and it was a perfect crisp fall day here in Maine. Both the Spousal Unit and I had wrapped up our work early and the girl child though battling a small cold was energetic enough to want to leave the house though we didn’t want her around other kids…so what better thing to do but visit an apple orchard for some lovely picking. Rather than our usual orchard, we decided to check out an organic orchard about 25 mins away from us and let me say I am glad we did.

Raven Hill Orchards had a wide array of apples, as well as some goats and chickens for my young animal lover. The best treat was enjoying the apple cider donuts in an amazing cafe on site which is really a renovated barn, where the Spousal Unit and I sipped on some delicious cappucinos. It was a great afternoon and one that begged that I share some photos.