Dear Maine, we are trying out that poly thing…a silly post of sorts

Dear Maine,

It has been brought to my attention that you are going around telling people that I am leaving you for another state. A larger state, a larger city, something a bit more shiny and exciting. I understand that you are confused about your place in my life, but let me tell you what is really going on between you and I.

Back in 2002, when you and I got together, you knew my heart belonged to another. I had been with Chicago for ever and it was hard to get used to another. I tried though, I really did. For the past 11 years, I have been more or less faithful to you, and while you and I had our moments, I thought we could make it work out.

Well, life happens and things change; as you know, Boston has come into my life. She’s offering me things that you just have not been able to offer me. A sense of belonging and a chance to live my passions. Boston is offering me so much and while I initially wanted to end my relationship with you, I realize that I just can’t let you go despite the turbulent nature of our relationship.

So I have decided to become involved with both of you, I see no reason why I can’t be with both you and Boston. The way I see it, I will spend a few days a week with Boston once I start working at my new job and the rest of the week with you. I figure we can try this new relationship model out for at least six months and reevaluate come summer.

It seems this multiple love thing is all the rage, they call it polyamory which means many loves. Monogamy works for some, but you know me…always wanting to be different. So, I would appreciate it if you would stop telling people that I am leaving you. I am not leaving you, our relationship has just changed. Besides with me seeing Boston, it means I can focus on all the things that I adore about you and not just your faults.


Your Part-time lover, BGIM.