Strut your stuff!

Ladies, how many times have you felt like I am just blah? You know those days, you are so in your own head and it feels like you have accomplished not a damn thing. Or you feel like you are an imposter? Let me raise my hand. To be honest until recently, I still saw myself as that 22 year old single Mom and high school drop-out. A really strange thing to do considering the places I have been professionally in recent years, yet I was stuck holding onto a story that was no longer accurate about myself. A story that frankly was only one chapter in the story of me, yet sometimes it’s easy to see the negative and not the positive. I am certain that one reason this story stuck for so long is because traditionally women are not raised to blow their own horns.

Let’s face it, too many of us see sharing our successes and victories as bragging and well no one wants to be a braggart, the problem is those old truths hold us back. They get in the way of our reality and frankly it has got to stop! We need to start celebrating and strutting our stuff. If you are an at home mom, raising the kiddos and maybe even homeschooling them and they are thriving, share it! Whatever you do and do well, it’s okay to be eager about it and to talk about it.

Kids are amazing in that whenever a kid learns something new and they feel they have accomplished something, the joy with which they share that success is amazing. When the girl child first started reading, she told everyone. Just the other day an old family friend came over and the girl child proudly proclaimed that she could now whistle and gave a demonstration. Hey, that may sound small, but hell she is already whistling better than me!

I look at my girl and think I want that enthusiasm in my life! Once again we think we teach our kids yet really they teach us, in more ways than one. I look at my girl and want her to stay rooted in that belief and enthusiasm in herself, not reach an age where she feels she can’t strut her stuff. Yet as her mom, I know I need to look at what I am modeling and until recently, sharing my own successes felt weird, out of place, or in the back of mind I thought will someone think I am thinking too highly of myself?

Well, it matters not, because in the end confidence is powerful, hell it’s sexy. So go ahead and strut your stuff, you earned it!