Why I am not the president

If nothing else I admire President Obama for being able to stay focused and on task. I only caught bit and pieces of the President’s speech last night but thanks to the internet, I have the broad strokes. I also caught that clip of Rep Joe Wilson from South Carolina essentially heckling the president with his indignant outburst of you lie. Wow! Let me repeat that wow! Whatever happened to respecting the office of president even if you didn’t care for the person personally holding the position?

I like how Obama continued to roll with his speech because as a Chicago girl, let me tell you, had Wilson been heckling me as president in such a fashion, I would have not only brought out that brash style many Chicagoans are known for but I would have done one better.

Here goes, with BGIM as president…”You lie” Wilson shouts. BGIM “Who said that” Once I spotted the offender, I would have politely said to everyone wait a second. At that point I would have got up walked over to Wilson looked him in the face and said if you ever disrespect me like that again in such a venue I will personally kick your ass. Then I would have taken his Blackberry, stomped on it, walked back up to the podium and politely explained that while I have no problem with civil disagreement, I will not stand for blatant disrespect and the next time anyone decides to act an ass they will either receiveĀ a presidential ass kicking or I will unleash Rahm off that short lease he has been on. (if you are not familiar with Rahm Emmanuel’s personality, do a Google search).

Then again, this is why I am not president because my ability to put up with shit is not that great. So Obama while I am still not in love with what you are proposing, I have to say you do live up to that joke about having a Zen like quality.

If you want more deep analysis of what went down though last night, well…I am not that blogger but I would suggest perusing the blogosphere since there are some folks who had fantastic coverage, right now I am loving Jack and Jill politics.

ETA: I am not a violent person, I don’t hit my kids and pretty much avoid needing to get physical with anyone but Wilson’s actions were so offensive to me that really threatning to kick his ass and stomping on his Blackberry would hopefully send a message that the time for games and bullshit is over.