When a woman loves a man…

I had no intentions to write on the topic of Tiger and Elin Woods but as my life spins out of control at the moment (thank you again Murphy) I need to step away from myself and focus on something else.

Obviously unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the poor unfortunate Mr. Woods who it would seem had an accident with a car, a tree and a fire hydrant who may have possibly had his block knocked off by his golf club wielding wife. It’s my understanding that it would appear that Woods decided to get some side action in the form of extracurricular lovers and his wife was none to happy about that shit.

Now I don’t condone violence but as a human who loves and has loved, I understand what it might feel like to just have had yet another baby with what you think is the love of your life only to learn he is a low down dirty bastard. It’s in such instances that all rational thoughts might leave you and you decide to do something as insanely stupid as beating the shit out of your husband with a golf club.

Problem is Woods is a well-known man with a squeaky clean reputation who also has been haunted by racial issues and the fact he is married to a white woman…well, that complicates this matter. Let’s face it if his wife was one of the Williams sisters, we’d still be chuckling but I hardly think it would be so consuming. Instead we have a man of color (since Woods by his own words is not a Black man though most of us would call him a Black man) who dominates in a sport not traditionally played by folks of color, who is married to a very white woman.

As some of my favorite bloggers have mentioned in the past week, his situation is volatile in so many ways. Hello, had he attempted to wack Elin, he would be the new millenium OJ Simspon, luckily for him, he got the hell out of dodge though he clearly got wacked.

Now there are plenty of folks talking about how this serves him right, I can’t say it does. Though as woman, I actually feel bad for Elin. Marital issues suck and to have millions of folks in your business has got to make a rough situation even harder.

So Tiger, perhaps you should think twice before you creep out on your wife. I mean, the public beating you are taking cannot be worth that taste of tail you enjoyed on the side. Elin, while I understand you were mad, what would have happened if that club had done some damage to Tiger? Look, he did you wrong girlfriend but the only reason you are not in the clink or facing some serious charges is because you are Elin Woods and not Tyshonda Woods. Remember ole girl from that band in the 1990’s TLC who burned her ex-lovers house down? Really no man is worth possibly giving up your freedom.

Instead next time Tiger decides to be a cheetah, get those babies in the car, get out of dodge and get a damn good divorce attorney.