What were you thinking?

I am not a big tv watcher, truthfully I have never been a big tv watcher. Last regular show I had to watch is My Name is Earl and that was the first season when I was pregnant with the girl child. Maybe its because growing up we only had one tv and my folks didn’t get cable until I was married and out of the house and pregnant with elder boy.

Now this does not mean I don’t ever watch tv, but tv is generally what I do when I have a reason to be in bed and with a small kid there is very little free time to lounge in bed and watch tv. However last night I was in bed and didn’t feel like sleeping so I ended up catching the first few minutes of the latest season of Jon and Kate plus 8. Why???? Just like when I started catching some of the episodes of the Housewives of Atlanta a few months ago when I was in bed one weekend with a stomach bug…all I can say is why?

Clearly reality tv is here to stay, there must be something about watching others go insane and display behavior that clearly should be private that brings out the voyeur in us all. That said, while I am not a big tv watcher I have generally heard of most shows and had heard about Jon and Kate plus 8, I even have caught a few minutes of some their other seasons. My general opinion being that Kate seemed sort of overbearing and I am glad she is not my partner.

Now of course I have heard about Jon’s supposed indiscretion and clearly in the few minutes that I saw last night, that seemed to overshadow everything, whether he did or didn’t is no concern of mine. However what stood out for me was Jon and Kate’s bitching about the paparazzi and the general feeling that they have no privacy anymore.

Um….you sign a contract to let cameras follow you and your kids around and essentially allow “us” in and in return you get enough cash to support your brood? I don’t know but it would seem to me that if I agreed to take part in such a operation that I might expect that no part of my life would be private, needless to say I am a private person so I would never agree to such a thing.

Did they not realize that alll aspects of their life would be an open book? Did Jon not realize when he did whatever he was doing with a woman that was not his wife, that it might get out? Sorry, but I am not feeling sad for Jon and Kate. I do however feel sad for their kids who must have even the most mundane parts of their lives put on display for public consumption.

I can only imagine that raising 8 kids is hella costly…shit, the two I have cost me an arm and a leg. Yet in order to have access to help and a lovely house, Jon and Kate knew the score and really should have thought about it before the agreed to this show. If its really an issue, maybe they should break the contract and work on healing their family instead of broadcasting their woes for all to see and then bitching because the paparazzi is following them around.  I suspect if they really want to heal and repair their relationship, they might need to turn the cameras off.

Needless to say Jon and Kate…what ever were you thinking?