Surrendering to Sandy

I am a recovering type A kind of gal. I like to think of myself as being in charge and having the answers no matter what. Which is why I am sitting here on a day that was packed full of activity, typing a blog post because it turns out I am not in charge. Like millions of others who live along the eastern seaboard, my life has been turned upside down thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I just had to tell the caterer for my organization’s largest fundraising event ever, that if this storm proves as nasty as reports are saying I have no back-up plan whatsoever. In three days we are supposed to host 100+ donors and volunteers at a local art gallery and I have no clue and you know what? It’s totally okay.

Part of me wants to rage like the wind howling outside my window but I know that raging, venting and getting pissed will do no good. Instead I am trusting that whatever happens is what was meant to happen.

I wish I could say that I was always this Zen when life doesn’t go according to my plans, but in recent years I have come to learn that weather, Mother Nature or whatever we want to call it doesn’t give a fuck about us and are plans. No amount of pleading will make this storm suddenly dissipate and get my schedule back on track at this point. So all I can do is surrender to it and just be.

The kiddo’s school closed up shop early, so I will take advantage of this unplanned family time to just be. I sometimes think Mother Nature flexes her muscles to remind us of just how small we are no matter how big we see ourselves. For all our prowess and might, weather is the one force we simply cannot negotiate with.

So to all my fellow journeyers living with Sandy, stay safe. May Sandy finish with us quickly.