RIP Studs

The world is a lot less brighter this evening with the passing of Studs Terkel. I am not one to get overly emotional about the passing of folks I don’t know personally, yet hearing that Studs at 96 has died, has made me a tad melancholy this evening.

If you don’t know who Studs is, google him and then get thee to a library and check out his work. Growing up in Chicago, I have known of Studs and his work for as long as I can remember, one of my Dad’s favorite books is Working which later became one of my own personal favorites. In some ways as I struggle to define myself professionally, there is that piece of me that has always wanted to be a oral historian/storyteller on the scale of Studs.

Anyway, RIP Studs, I know many thought after the passing of your beloved Ida in 1999, you might be short for the world but you proved us wrong.  Perhaps you are enjoying a cool stogie, a chilled martini and catching up with Ida.