Coming down from my high

Just a drive-by, yesterday as much as I wanted to post while watching the inauguration, I just couldn’t….it really was emotional for me. Today, I am starting to come down from the high and the glow. For a moment I was reminded of my stoner days when I used to get as high as a kite. (no, as a grown-up, I no longer do such things) However the dust is settling and I am reminded that we have a lot of work to do, Obama may be in the White House and while I am glad to see someone who looks like me living in the big house for a change. The truth is real change starts with each and everyone of us.

I believe that Obama is the catalyst to inspire many of us to get off our collective asses, as someone who works in social services believe me we each have the power to help make a difference. Some folks think Obama is the savior and while I think he is one bad ass mothafucker, truth is he is a human who shits on the toilet just like me, so perfection is not expected.

That said, lets come on down off that Obama high and get ready to work to change this country. Yet lets also enjoy this moment…

More in the next day or two on reaction to Obama from up here in Maine, I have some tales to share but work is kicking a sistas’s ass at the moment.