Black Life in Maine

Having lived in Maine since 2002, moving to Maine from a large city will most likely be a jolt to your system but you can survive it. That said, Maine’s current governor has made it clear that he does not see people of color as full Mainers and assumes the majority us to be miscreants coming to destroy the good people of Maine.

Maine does not have a geographic community where you will find people of color , we are found all over the state though most of us tend to be in larger cities such as Portland or Lewiston. If you are considering a move to Maine, I would strongly encourage you to spend some time here before loading up the moving truck.

Practical Stuff- Hair

If I had a buck for every email I have ever seen asking about Black hair salons in Maine, I might actually be able to afford a vacation. In Southern Maine, there are two known Black salons that I have had experiences with.

Blended Beauty-Westbrook, ME (207) 591-5900 My suggestion is see Trish, she has amazing braiding skills and does locs as well as relaxers. I haven’t seen her in over a year but if she is still there, I highly recommend her. Nope, they don’t have a website.

Toni’s Touch- Portland, ME (207) 747-4885 I highly recommend Tonya. She is a hair goddess and I don’t say that lightly. 

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98 thoughts on “Black Life in Maine”

  1. Hello. My name is Jackie and I just relocated to Maine in January. I’d love to network with other black professionals. Are there any organizations where I can network with other black professionals?

    Thanks so much.

  2. Hello,

    I just moved to Maine for a contract position and are there any black estheticians in Portland, Auburn, Freeport, and Falmouth areas?

    I want to get my weekly facials, but I know none of these white ladies have dealt with black skin, since there is like .6% population of black s and Africans in Maine.

  3. Hello Black people,
    My name is Rafeal and I am from California. I will be a student at Birthwise, a midwifery school in Bridgton. I too am looking to connect and be in support with other Black people in Maine. If you are down please reply and I will say something to ya. In these times we need each other no matter where we are.

  4. Hello. My name is David Hilton. I’m a 7th grade social studies teacher in Portland. My students are working on public policy topics. One group is trying to understand if racism is still an issue in Maine. I think they would benefit greatly by interviewing a few of the people posting on this site. If you’d be willing to talk to them, please send me a note –

    Thank you very much for considering this.

    David Hilton

  5. Hi my name is Shirley McIntosh . I currently live in Florida. I grew up in New Jersey. I’ve lived in Las Vegas NV, PA, TX, MD, DC, VA, TN, and several years in NC. I had considered Maine as a place to retire. Reading this blog I have changed my mine. This country is in a pretty bad way. If the Governor is sounding off – that’s a good sign it’s not a good place for me. Thanks for the info and good luck to you all.

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