Shhhhh, don’t say poor!

So now that both the Republicans and Democrats have held their conventions and nominated their men, election season is in full swing here in the US. I am happy to say that I stayed up late and caught both conventions, in the end the Democrats spoke to me a lot more than the Republicans, but […]

The myth of hard work and a broken down body

The good thing about being on vacation is that I actually have time to sit and think and that’s what I have been doing since catching the RNC last week. It was an interesting show and I am not necessarily talking about Clint Eastwood’s spectacular performance with the chair either! Nope, the RNC regaled us […]

They are all fake

Well I have a little breathing room here today, after breaking down and taking the little one to the doctor yesterday, of course the fever finally broke. Translation, it means Mama has some time to herself today since mini-me was feeling well enough for daycare. On to world events, or should I say national events. […]