Happy New Year!

I know its January 3 and all but still wanted to wish my readers a happy New Year. Thanks to a lovely storm, I am digging out up here in Maine and gearing up for a hectic few weeks of work. So while I rarely take a true blogging break, should my posts become sporadic, have no fear…it means I am simply in a grant-writing stupor to ensure I still have employment in the next year.

So it’s a new year…what are your resolutions or are you like me and have none? Actually that’s not true but I find that making a huge declaration at the first of the year to be a recipe for failure. Instead I make my change more manageable by creating small changes that I can strive for on a daily basis. Right now the biggies are focusing on overcoming my driving phobia which is really starting to become a pain in the ass. There is also my goal to re-kick my butt habit, I am not a big smoker in fact there are folks who will read this and be surprised to learn I even have the habit. But the thing is even a small low-key habit is more than I want so its time to refocus on true blue stress relievers other than the butts, so I am re-signing up for my yoga classes.

Anyway that’s all from my corner of the world…hope the first three days of this new year have been kind to you.

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  1. January 18, 2010